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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Boyfriend Arm Pillow

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Missing your boyfriend and wish you could be in his arms and sleep peacefully? Then, you need the interesting Boyfriend Arm Pillow. An ideal product to be used yourself and an ideal gift for those who are in love, this pillow won’t let you curl alone again in life.

Shaped in the form of an arm, Boyfriend Arm Pillow makes you feel as if you are sleeping in your boyfriend’s arm. Sounds romantic isn’t? Made up of comfortable polyester material, this pillow is filled with Polyester.

The cuddly Boyfriend Arm Pillow measures 26” x 27”, which is large enough to make the girls feel comfortable and secure feeling that they are with their boyfriend.

Grab the unique Boyfriend Arm Pillow in just $ 19.95 from What On Earth Catalog.

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