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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bat Wind-up Torch

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Looking for a cheap yet useful gift item for your friend’s birthday? Then, have a look at the Bat Wind-up Torch. The best thing about this torch is that it works without any battery. Sounds great isn’t?

All you need to do is just squeeze it and it lights up. Bat Wind-up Torch is fun yet useful gift item that comes in a very affordable price. It measures 12 x 15cm in dimensions. This one is an eco torch that works just like any other torch but without harming the environment as it doesn’t use any battery.

Even kids can use this Bat Wind-up Torch, as it so safe to handle and carries no dangerous parts. In fact, it won’t be wrong to call it a kid’s torch with its simplicity of use and design.

Grab the cheap Bat Wind-up Torch in just £4.75 from Your Tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

25th Wedding Anniversary Ornament

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It is the silver jubilee wedding anniversary of your uncle and aunt or your sweet neighbors and you are confused what to gift? How about 25th Wedding Anniversary Ornament? Designed especially for occasion like 25th wedding anniversary, this one is a perfect anniversary gift item.

25th Wedding Anniversary Ornament comes in silver color to match the theme of silver jubilee. You can even get it personalized with the couple’s name up to 8 characters each. Not only this, make it worth remembering by also engraving the anniversary date on it.

Made of resin, 25th Wedding Anniversary Ornament measures 3-1/2” height. Remember, that it will take up to 5 days for this gift item to get delivered at your doorstep, so order now.

Grab the beautiful 25th Wedding Anniversary Ornament in just $ 14.95 from Personal Creations.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snowbuddies Baby's First Christmas Ornament

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Is this your friend’s or relative’s first baby Christmas? So, you should show you care by gifting the beautiful Snowbuddies Baby’s First Christmas Ornament. This perfect Gift for Babies has been designed especially for babies who will be celebrating their first Christmas.

To give it a personal touch, you can also get a name or message hand painted on this lovely Snowbuddies Baby’s First Christmas Ornament. You can get up to 16 characters hand printed on this Christmas gift.

Remember that it will take up to 5 days to deliver this Christmas Gift for Baby at your doorstep, so order now and wish the baby on his or her first Christmas.

Grab the beautiful Snowbuddies Baby’s First Christmas Ornament in just $ 14.95 from Personal Creations.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Love Stinks Soap

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Want to get naughty and dirty with your partner? Then, choose to gift your partner with the unique Love Stinks Soap. Don’t be puzzled thinking this soap will stink, as its name suggests.

Love Stinks Soap comes packed in a matching pink box. Be it the occasion like Valentine’s Day or any other day, show your love in a different way by presenting your beloved with this Love Stinks Soap.

Colored in pink this romantic soap matches the true emotions of the heart. Love Stinks Soap comes in dimensions measuring 3” x 3” x 1.5”. Rest assure that this heart-shaped pink colored soap will be cherished by your partner.

Grab the romantic Love Stinks Soap in just $ 7.99 from Perpetual Kid.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crystal iPod Case Hair Clip

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Your friend’s wedding is approaching and you have still not decided what to gift the newly weds? Then, here is a perfect wedding gift item that you may consider gifting. Crystal iPod Case Hair Clip is a nice accessory wedding gift set that would be cherished by the newly wedded couple.

Designed by Jimmy Crystals, Crystal iPod Case Hair Clip is made up of genuine Swarovski crystals rhinestones. It comprises of a Swarovski studded iPod case, which is just perfect for glamorizing your friend’s iPod case.

For the lady, this gift item comprises a Parrot design hair clip that too studded with Swarovski crystals. Believe it or not, those who will receive this wedding gift will go gaga over your gift selection.

Grab the beautiful Crystal iPod Case Hair Clip in just $ 299.00 from My Giftee.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recycled Handmade Photo Frame

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Be it the occasion of a birthday or friendship day, a gift item like Recycled Handmade Photo Frame won’t go wrong in showing you care for your loved one. Make it a memorable gift for your friend by inserting his or her photo in this nicely designed photo frame.

Recycled Handmade Photo Frame is a unique recycled newsprint frame. If you will notice it carefully, you will see newspaper coiled around broom bristle and joined by thread and glue in this photo frame. For durability it has been starched and dried in heat.

Measuring 8W x 7H inches, Recycled Handmade Photo Frame is fit to insert a 4” x 6” photo. The best thing about this photo frame is that there is no glass and it is safe to be used even in a home where there are small and naughty kids.

Grab the unique Recycled Handmade Photo Frame in just $ 18 from Tent Hous and Villages.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Light-Up Birthday Candles Mug

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Be it an adult or a kid, a birthday gift like Light-Up Birthday Candles Mug will always be cherished by the one to whom it is presented. A perfect gift for those who love drinking tea or coffee, Light-Up Birthday Candles Mug is an ideal birthday gift.

Made up of ceramic, Light-Up Birthday Candles Mug can hold 11 oz. of any beverage. The best thing about it is that it is microwave oven safe. You can easily wash it with hand without worrying for its print.

Feel free to add a personal touch on Light-Up Birthday Candles Mug by getting any message up to 20 characters printed on it. The candles on this colorful mug appear to be magically light up.

Grab the beautiful Light-Up Birthday Candles Mug in just $ 14.95 from Personal Creations.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

24" Gold Metal Tree Spinning Ornament Display

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Make this Christmas shine like gold for your loved ones by presenting them with the shimmering 24” Gold Metal Tree Spinning Ornament Display. This ideal Christmas gift for those who like gold plated things acts as a perfect centerpiece on an occasion as big as Christmas.

Made up of gold finished wire, 24” Gold Metal Tree Spinning Ornament Display features a star on top and scrolling branches. The amazing thing about this Christmas tree is that it rotates in a circular motion using 2 “C” batteries.

24” Gold Metal Tree Spinning Ornament Display in itself will show you care to your loved ones, so you don’t need to personalize it with any message. It’s beauty and elegance is enough for the person who receives it to remember you as the presenter.

Grab the beautiful 24” Gold Metal Tree Spinning Ornament Display in just $ 29.95 from Personal Creations.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Apricot Pear Bath Gift Set

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For those who live in luxury, Apricot Pear Bath Gift Set is just the ideal gift item. Be it a birthday or anniversary, give this bath set as a gift and see how it pleases your loved ones.

Apricot Pear Bath Gift Set has been designed for those who love bathing in luxurious aromatherapy Apricot bath. Rest assure, whosoever will use this luxury gift item will feel relaxed and rejuvenated with its aroma bath.

Apricot Pear Bath Gift Set comprises of an Apricot soy wax candle, Apricot bath and shower gel and Apricot soap and Tuscan pear body lotion. To add to its beauty, this gift set comes in elegant paper boxes with tassels.

Grab the luxurious Apricot Pear Bath Gift Set in just $ 65.99 from My Giftee.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kiss Charm

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Want to make your man feel special? Then, why don’t you gift him with the romantic Kiss Charm. This Gift for Him will definitely remind him of your first intimate kiss. Come and give him Kiss Charm and your lovely message sealed with a kiss in this gift.

The best thing about Kiss Charm is that you can even make your own prints for this jewelry pendant. While ordering for this gift item, you can learn how to make your own prints on the pendant to add that personal and romantic touch.

By putting on some nice lipstick, enjoy making a sexy smooch print on a piece of paper and get it on the Kiss Charm for your man. Sounds romantic isn’t? So, go for it and woo him with this ideal gift for Valentine’s Day or birthday.

Grab the romantic Kiss Charm in just $25.00 from Cherish Charm.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Voodoo Doll to Save Your Health

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Feeling like poking a pin or kicking your boss? Then, who is stopping you? Do it on the funny Voodoo Doll. Designed especially for those suffering office people who hate their bosses like anything, this fun gift will bring a sort of refreshment in you at your workstation after a tiresome meeting with your boss.

Buy a Voodoo Doll for yourself or for your favorite colleague to save your or his health. Pass on your anger on this soft Scapegoat Voodoo Goat Doll by simply passing a pin every time you are angry with your boss. Believe it or not, you will feel pleasant after pinning this poor and helpless Voodoo Doll.

Gift yourself with this Fun Gift and also share it with your co-workers to get a relief from your boss’s endless verbal abuse. The best thing about Voodoo Doll is that it won’t run away or blame you in turn like your boss it will always be ready for your attack.

Grab the funny Voodoo Doll in just $ 6.95 from Office Playground.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Glass Ornaments

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Looking for a unique Christmas gift for your loved ones? Then, here is the best bet for you. Grab the innovative and elegant Glass Ornaments. Available in four different shapes, this unique Christmas gift idea would be cherished by the one to whom it is gifted.

Feel free to choose any of its four shapes, including a stocking, star, heart and oval shape. To add on its uniqueness, you can also engrave any message in 4 lines with up to 15 characters per line on the star shape Glass Ornaments and in 3lines up to 15 characters per line on other shapes.

Glass Ornaments come with a gold ribbon for hanging that make them perfect Christmas ornaments for decoration as well as for keepsake purpose. All these glass ornaments measure approximately 4-inch in height.

Grab the unique Glass Ornaments in just $ 14.95 from Personal Creations.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Vintage Christmas Needlepoint Stockings

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Looking for a personalized gift for your loved ones this Christmas? Then, Vintage Christmas Needlepoint Stockings would be an ideal choice. Available in four different designs, these stockings are perfect Personalized Christmas gifts for adults as well as for children.

Feel free to choose from any of the four designs of Vintage Christmas Needlepoint Stockings, including Angel, Santa, Snowman and Tree. These exclusive hand crafted keepsake stockings won’t fail to express your loved ones that you care.

You can personalize these Christmas stockings by embroidering any name up to four characters on the cuff. Vintage Christmas Needlepoint Stockings measure up to 18” in length and come with one acrylic needlepoint face and a cotton velvetten back and cuff each.

Grab the beautiful Vintage Christmas Needlepoint Stockings in just $ 24.95 from Personal Creations.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

World Timer

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When the gift is for enhancing your business relations with your clients, then you need to choose an idea corporate gift. Believe it or not, you won’t fail to impress your clients by gifting them with the amazing World Timer. This Silver Plated World Timer measures 66 x 60 x 28 mm in size.

World Timer comes packed in an elegant black gift box that can be customized with your company’s logo or a personalized message. With just a little twist on its top section lets you discover time in the major cities of the world. Isn’t an amazing business gift?

This ideal corporate gift can also be used as a paperweight apart from watching time around the world. Your clients will simply love displaying this effective World Timer on their desks as a desk item.

Grab the interesting World Timer in just £50 from Corporate Gifts.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pawparazzi Pet Set

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Your kids want a pet but you don’t one? Then, why don’t you gift your kids with the amazing Pawparazzi Pet Set. An ideal gift for children who wish to have pets, as they look just like small puppies.

Pawparazzi Pet Set comprises of delightful puppy soft toys glamorized by a tint of glitz, fashion and style. Believe it or not, children, especially girls ageing four and above will simply adore this gift for children.

Each Pawparazzi Pet Set comprises a couture handbag, a blanket, a leather leash and collar, name charm and a celebrity magazine. Pawparazzi Pet Set is available in sex different pets, including Toby, Indy, Misty, Daisy, Roxy and Lexi.

Grab the interesting Pawparazzi Pet Set in just $ 15.99 from My Giftee.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grandparents Photo Album

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Want to make your grandparents feel special and cared for? Then, gift them with the beautiful Grandparents Photo Album Whether there is an occasion like Grandparents Day or not occasion at all, this photo frame is just an ideal Grandparents Gift for all reasons and seasons.

Grandparents Photo Album can hold up to 100 4 x 6 photographs. This gorgeous photo album sports a silver plated frame as a frame cover. Simply irresistible, Grandparents Photo Album comes in an elegantly polished finishing.

On the front of this ideal Grandparents Gift, you will to read these engraved words:

"Grandchildren are rewarding, wonderful, full of life's spirit. Always asking questions, not fully answered. Ever beautiful, dreaming of things to come. Quick to smile and loving to a hug. Always with a twinkle in their eyes, forever remembered. Grandchildren give warmth to a home and bless everyone in it. Grandchildren are tomorrow's dreams."

Grab this interesting Grandparents Photo Album in just £14.95 from The Gift Experience.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Personalized Love and Romance Calendar

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Want to fill love in the air? Then gift your lover or beloved with the Personalized Love and Romance Calendar. Make each month of the year romantic with this personalized romantic calendar.

Comprising of twelve lovely photographs, Personalized Love and Romance Calendar is an ideal romantic gift for occasions when you wish to express your love to your partner. Believe it or not, this love calendar will be cherished by your partner throughout the year.

The best thing about this romantic gift item is that you can get it personalized with your or your partner’s name on all the twelve photographs. This romantic love gift comes in an A3 size with dimensions measuring 30 cm x 42 cm.
Grab this interesting Personalized Love and Romance Calendar in just £19.99 from The Gift Experience.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pen in the Bottle Gift Set

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Looking for a perfect lady gift? Then, you won’t go wrong with the sweet Pen in the Bottle Gift Set. Perfect gift for her, this pen set comes in various options. Whether the occasion if a birthday or to express love, Pen in the Bottle Gift Set is perfect gift for a girl because girls love to have funky things.

Pen in the Bottle Gift Set includes a Funky mum pen in a matching bottle, Spider gerber daisy pen with black and white dot grosgrain bow in a black and white bottle and matching harlequin bottle. Green, yellow, purple, lime, magenta and orange are the colors of bottles that come with the matching color pens in this pen set.

So, be it your sister, daughter of girlfriend, you can bring that great smile on any girl’s face with the Pen in the Bottle Gift Set.

Grab it in just $ 23.99 from My Giftee.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Welcome Friends

Welcome Friends,

Gifting is a gesture loved by all, but sometimes we tend to get confused on what to gift and what not to gift to our loved ones on certain occasions. So here I am to offer you a one-stop platform for all the gifting ideas.

Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Baby Gifts, Romantic Gifts, Fun Gifts, Cheap Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Personalized Gifts, Unique Gifts, Luxury Gifts, Gifts for Parents or Gifts for Grandparents, you will get plenty of Gift ideas with me at Gift Arena, so stay tuned!

- Shaina G